Curve fitting tools.


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Most of these notebooks rely on basic knowledge of the Astropy FITS I/O module. If you are unfamiliar with this module please see the Astropy FITS I/O user documentation before using this documentation.

The stsdas.analysis.fitting package is used to do various types of 1D and 2D fitting. Fitting has been well developed in Python with the Scipy and Astropy libraries. We have covered these tasks in other IRAF notebooks, and refer to those entries below.



Please review the Notes section above before running any examples in this notebook

Gfit1d and nfit1d are used to interactively achieve a 1-d fit to an image, tables or lists. For various interactive curve fitting on images please see the Python imexam. For non-interactive fitting of a table or list, please see the tasks in the tables.ttools notebook, and the images.imfit.fit1d-lineclean tasks.


Please review the Notes section above before running any examples in this notebook

The function task is used to apply functions to images, tables or lists. For image function application see images.imutil.imfunction-imexpr. Once the table or list is coverted to a numpy array, the method for applying a fucntion is the same as images.imutil.imfunction-imexpr. See tables.ttools.taextract-tainsert for table conversions.

Not Replacing

  • controlpars - Pset with algorithm control parameters. Deprecated.

  • errorpars - Pset with error-related parameters. Deprecated.

  • bbodypars - Pset with parameters for black-body function. Deprecated.

  • cgausspars - Pset with parameters for constrained Gaussians function. Deprecated.

  • comppars - Pset with parameters for composite (bb + powerlaw) function. Deprecated.

  • galprofpars - Pset with parameters for galaxy profile function. Deprecated.

  • gausspars - Pset with parameters for Gaussians function. Deprecated.

  • i2gaussfit - Iterative 2-d Gaussian fit to noisy images. Deprecated.

  • n2gaussfit - 2-d Gaussian fit to images. See images.imfit.imsurfit

  • powerpars - Pset with parameters for powerlaw function. Deprecated.

  • prfit - Print contents of fit tables created by fitting task. Deprecated.

  • samplepars - Pset with data sampling parameters. Deprecated.

  • tgausspars - Pset with parameters for two-dim Gaussian function. Deprecated.

  • twobbpars - Pset with parameters for two-black-body function. Deprecated.

  • userpars - Pset with parameters for user-defined function. Deprecated.